About Us

Tequs is our own little Web 2.0 shorthand for “Tech Us”. Here, we look to arm you with brief-yet-comprehensive information on the latest gadgets and tech on the market. If you’re looking for reviews, comparisons, specs, news, or even rumors, you’re at the right spot.

Tequs was conceived when my Web Developer & SEO expert of a friend, ax3, asked me to “do something.” Not to let any wrong ideas propagate, our intention was to start up some joint venture where both of us could put our skills to some good use, create something meaningful, and embark upon a journey to success together.

Increasing the dose of narcissism, I’d cut down right down to introducing myself. I’m Nikhil Jain, a Law student from the Indian capital city of Delhi. A man of many interests and passions, gadgets and tech are two of my longest running love affairs. With Tequs, I hope to take these affairs to the next level. Currently, my profile in this venture is to manage content and writers, and contribute editorials. You can call me the “Content Guy,” if you will.

Now that I’m done acquainting myself with you guys, let’s be moving to my partner, Ax3, the man of multiple talents from the city of lakes, Udaipur, is the one in-charge of SEO and Website Development & Management at Tequs. Unlike me, ax3 has years of experience with SEO, Security, Websites, Blogs, and a lot more under his big black beard.

I hope, with this, I’ve given you atleast the necessary gist of who we are, and what Tequs is. If you’ve still got any questions about us or Tequs, don’t hesitate to ask; just drop in a comment below, and we’ll be sure to reply.

Nikhil Jain
Co-Founder & Content Manager