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The-Snappening 2

The Snappening; who to blame?

Snapchat. If we talk about a teen with a smartphone overdosing on Social Media, this is most certainly something s/he can’t live without. However, we doubt if any of you more mature or older...

OnePlus-One-Smartphone-banner 1

OnePlus One – the Phone of Dreams

OnePlus One, the smartphone which sells with the slogan, “2014 Flagship Killer, Never Settle.” Frankly speaking, this is perhaps the cheesiest slogan out there, but considering what the OnePlus One packs in, it doesn’t look...

Xiaomi The-Indian-Invasion 0

Xiaomi’s entry in India

This is the third of our 4-article series on Xiaomi, the up and coming Chinese giant in the World of Tech. In our previous articles, we’ve walked you through the what Xiaomi is, the...