Get “Inbox by Gmail” without an Invite

So by now most of you have heard about the Google Gmail’s new service ‘Inbox’. a smart mail inbox to increase productivity of the work and smart management of the mail inbox. but unfortunately for many Gmail users the service is still unreachable due to it’s invite only policy.


In start they were giving opportunity to invite your three friends to the inbox but unfortunately due to heavy load they had to pause the invite facility.

Check the video by google to understand the Inbox by Gmail service.

But for our readers we brought a hidden trick to get the invite to the inbox.

tl;dr: If you have any friend with inbox invite you just have to add your google account in their smartphones and then just login to the inbox app you will eventually have the inbox enabled on your google account.

Step 1. So for receiving the inbox invite you have to make sure that the inbox application should be installed on your and your friends android or ios mobile device.
The application is available on both the stores


Step 2. Add the google account in the settings to the smartphone which already has the inbox running.

Step 3. Make sure to deselect all the sync options when adding your account otherwise it will mess things up.

Step 4. Log into the inbox application from the account you want invite on, so from Inbox’s main screen, you have to open the side bar and then select your account name. This will open the list of all the account added to your smartphone so you just have to select the newly added email account at this time, it will log you in in some seconds.

Step 5. Congratulations you got the Inbox invite on your phone now remove the account from your friends phone and login to the app from your own device.

Note: That trick will not work for any Inbox account activated using this secret trick so you won’t be able to invite further from your new inbox account. So guys enjoy your new inbox and let us know the results in the comment box below and you can share the secret trick with other friends.


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