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Privacy on facebook is a big issue facebook users are concerned about, Facebook even provided the profile display picture locking facility in the past to provide more privacy to the users and the maximum size a random facebooker could see was 160 x 160 pixel but we cracked that facility by changing the url to view locked facebook profile picture with full size version of that picture available on the facebook server.


But after recent code update, users are unable to access the bigger version of the facebook profile pic even after editing the url in several different ways so the question now is how to get the bigger version of the profile pic of a random facebooker.

So here we are with a solution to view locked facebook profile picture of a random secure profile in full size.

  1. Open the profile you want full sized display picture of in your browser.
  2. Get the username of the profile which is usually in the url.

    For example we are taking profile url of XYZ user :
    So the username here will be ‘XYZ’

  3. Then copy the url and paste it in your address bar but do not press the enter button.
    Post the code in address bar

  4. Now edit the username of the graph url and replace it with your target username and press enter.
    Now edit the username in the code

    Enjoy your full sized private profile picture
    You will get the facebook display picture in the full size. Enjoy the trick and share it with your friends.

We hope you liked the trick posted by us and hope facebook also will notice it and try to make the user privacy settings better.


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35 Responses

  1. Pk says:

    nicely done !

  2. Mimi says:

    Thank you so much 🙂

  3. Mohamed says:

    i usually never comment on blogs, but i felt the need to thank you,
    thank you very much sir, you are a genuis 🙂

  4. Hprow says:

    you only need the profile’s link to unlock the picture.

  5. Ankit says:

    Not Working, I tried but it is not working for all profiles.

  6. Sp dhakad says:

    Very Nice 😉 Thanks

  7. ghuman says:

    thanx bro or sis because that’s superb trick

  8. Loay says:

    genius thx alot 😀
    worked with me

  9. Marc says:

    Dear AX3, this is the first time that a facebook trick really works! Thank you very much! You’re a genious!
    Do you have a trick to download private pictures inside albums?
    I know there is no law infringement since the domain is public, but difficult to find. Starting from Chrome web developers tools, do you think can we do something about this topic?

    • ax3 says:

      Currently i don’t have the loophole to view private albums but i had it back in 2010 though.
      and i strongly believe that the loophole to view private album isn’t gonna be that easy.
      there are some facebook application developer method with token permission but they are bit complicated for a person who is not familiar with facebook application development.
      Hope for the best 🙂 subscribe to the blog updates.

  10. Snavs says:

    I’ve got a problem while trying to use this solution on profiles like profile.php?id=10… .
    ANYWAY, it really works with the rest , BIG UP 🙂

    • ax3 says:

      Hey Snavs,
      Working perfectly fine with the user id profiles.
      You just have to copy the user id which is something like “100008350568XYZ”.
      Hope that will clear the doubt.
      Kindly Subscribe to our blog updates.

  11. junaid says:

    its not working 🙁

  12. usman says:

    thanks mate works perfectly even on the ids that is crypted

  13. Lucky says:

    great man… too good
    i loved it

  14. ProfilePicUnlocker says:

    yes , it’s the new trick working now , thanks for sharing this trick !!
    it is an online tool to unlock private facebook profile picture easily
    you only need the profile’s link and the website will show you the profile’s picture in full size in few seconds

  15. huzaifa says:

    Damn it man you did it thanks so much

  16. dany says:

    this method not working.

  17. pavan says:

    U fuckin rock man!

  18. allenage says:


  19. mouad says:

    thanks bro

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