WhatsApp on the Web

Finally the wait is over, the popular mobile messaging service launched its most requested service WhatsApp on the web for chrome and android users after so long wait and the rumors. The primary use will be of course on your smartphone but for the people who spends most of their time on the computer and lazy to check the phone or type on that tiny touch keyboard, this service will be perfect for them.

WhatsApp On the Web

To use the app you should have the Latest version of WhatsApp on your Android phone and Google Chrome on your Computer.  Go to phone app options there you will find ‘WhatsApp Web’ Option.

Goto web.whatsapp.com And Scan the QR code showing on the computer screen from your phone and you are ready to use the WhatsApp messages on your Computer.

WhatsApp Web

For now the iOS app isn’t compatible with the WhatsApp web client but WhatsApp says that the support for more browser and Apple devices is coming soon.

The WhatsApp web version is just an extension of the phone, the browser just mirrors the conversations and not an independent application so you need your WhatsApp on your smartphone connected to the internet for using it on the Desktop Computer.

Official Blog by WhatsApp

Official blog by WhatsApp: WhatsApp Blog

WhatsApp has more than 600 million users worldwide, the largest mobile chat client on the internet and WhatsApp is actually owned by Facebook.

Go to http://web.whatsapp.com for using the amazing service and let us know your View, Questions and Suggestions about the latest service in the Comment section below.


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