Xiaomi’s entry in India

This is the third of our 4-article series on Xiaomi, the up and coming Chinese giant in the World of Tech. In our previous articles, we’ve walked you through the what Xiaomi is, the company’s history and basic strategy. In this article today, we’d take you through Xiaomi’s short-yet-explosive expansion to India. Much like China, India has an enormous population, and coupled with fast industrial growth and consequent rising incomes, the consumer base in India expands at an exponential pace, while the demands of these consumers follow suit closely.

Xiaomi The-Indian-Invasion

Smartphone market in India

India is undeniably an important market for any tech company dreaming to make it big at the World stage. With a population of over one and a quarter billion, and the world’s fastest growing telecom network with over 875 million mobile subscribers, 165 million internet subscribers, and 140 million mobile internet subscribers, internet penetration in India is enormous, next only to the United States, and China. Now, consider the 117 million Smartphone users in the country with a fifth of the World’s populations, smartphones carry a humungous potential in this Chinese neighbour. Rising incomes, greater technological penetration, and the advent of 3G have further strengthened the market for smartphones. Xiaomi was quick to realize this enormous potential, and just recently made its move to tap into the Indian market.

Credits: Yourstory.com

Credits: Yourstory.com

Xiaomi’s overseas expansions

Since the sale in Singapore, Xiaomi had launched flash sales in several countries including Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc.; in all of which its devices sold in less than an hour. In India, Xiaomi partnered with Flipkart, the country’s biggest online retail store, to sell the Mi3, and the rest of its devices exclusively. Those wishing to get their hands on a Xiaomi smartphone have to first register for the sale, and only then do they even get a chance to participate in the flash sale. These flash sales are held once a week for every device. So far, Xiaomi has launched its Mi3 and the Redmi 1s, both of which are sold through these flash sales in very limited quantities.

In our next article, we take a more elaborative look at Xiaomi’s offerings in India. We hope you’ve been liking our series on Xiaomi so far. We’d love to hear your feedback on the same in the Comments’ Section below.

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