Xiaomi’s offerings in India: Mi3 and Redmi 1S

In our previous article, we talked about the Smartphone market in India and Xiaomi’s expansion into this gold mine of opportunity for smartphone manufacturers. In this article, we take a look at the different devices launched by Xioami in India, namely the Xiaomi Mi3 and Redmi 1S via its exclusive retailer, Flipkart.


Xiaomi Mi3: the buyer-magnet

The Xiaomi Mi3 was the company’s first phone to be launched in India. The Mi3 went on sale on Flipkart for the first time on the 22nd of July in 2014. The device sold out in close to half an hour. Since the first sale, Xiaomi has been holding a flash sale for the Mi3 every Tuesday at 2PM, releasing just 10-20,000 devices at a time. The Mi3 usually sees registrations from 10-20 times more buyers than the quantity of devices available.

With this limited availability of its devices, Xiaomi has managed to create a good hype, especially among the geek circles, in India, without much of a marketing spend. Such is the difference between the demand and supply, that even though the Mi3 retails at just Rs. 13,999 (About $230) all inclusive on Flipkart, the going price of the same devices on the open/black/secondary market is about Rs. 17,000 (About $280). Given all this, it’s not surprising that Xiaomi devices sell out in a couple of seconds in each sale, with the only exception being the first sale.

Redmi 1S and other devices

Xiaomi launched its Redmi 1S, its budget offering on the 2nd of September at a price of Rs. 5,999, or just under $100. Much like its elder brother, the Xiaomi Mi3, the Redmi 1S is selling out in a couple of seconds, in each of its weekly flash sales. Xiaomi is expected to soon launch its Redmi Note, which is likely to be priced at around Rs. 10,000 or about $160.

Xiaomis have, in fact, become such sureshot sellers for its exclusive retailer, Flipkart, that the website has pegged down the Affiliate Commission for Xiaomi devices to just 0.1%, compared to the standard 2.5% given on most other phones. Initially, Xiaomi was seen as “just another Chinese” by most Indian buyers – something which is not at all a pretty picture for any company wishing to do business in India – but the companny managed to break all stereotypes and show some of the fastest stock clearance; this success of Xiaomi in India is nothing short of phenomenal.

To conclude and not bore you with any more of my facts, figures or theories, there’s just one thing to say, ‘Xiaomi has managed to hit the sweet spot in India’. With this, our series on Xiaomi and its expansion in India stands concluded. Though don’t worry, our obsession with the Chinese brand isn’t ending anytime soon; we’d be reviewing Xiaomi devices one-by-one to keep you updated with some of the most VFM devices on the market today. Do remember to drop in your feedback on our Xiaomi series in the Comments’ section below.

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